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Video Clips

Beyond Stigma: Bringing the Conversation About Mental Illness Forward
In this Carter Center video stigma expert Rebecca Palpant Shimkets moderated a discussion with Dr. Mark McLeod, director of Emory University Counseling Services; Alison Malmon, Active Minds founder and CEO; and Kimberly Minor, mental health advocate and president of Active Minds at Georgia Perimeter College.

Young Adults in Recovery: Meeting the Needs of the Millennial Generation
This video focuses on the particular needs and preferences of young adults as they engage in treatment for mental and substance use disorders and follow their journey of recovery.

Mental Health Superhero
In this Tedx video, Alicia Raimundo goal is to make young people more connected to mental health issues while helping to eliminate the stigma attached to it.

Preventing the Onset of Severe Mental Illness: Lessons Learned
This video discusses a program, EDIPPP that has gathered evidence to show the value of engaging communities toward preventing severe mental illness in young people.

Onset of Schizophrenia in Young Adults
Mental health expert Arleen Fitzgerald reviews the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia and discusses the onset of schizophrenia in young adults.

Audio Clips

Identifying Mental Illness and Early Intervention
Mental illness can sometimes go unidentified in its early stages leading to more serious diagnosis that may affect a person’s ability to live a normal life. In this podcast Dr. William McFarlane discusses the Portland Identification and Early Referral Program, a model being used in many states to effectively identify and treat patients early.

Mental Health Organization's Youth Screening Program Focuses on Early Detection
A local arm of a national mental health advocacy organization has developed a successful way to screen young people for signs of possible behavioral issues.