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Video Clips

Science Supports Gay Parents
In this Discovery News video, Laci Green talks about the newest research that outlines why gay couples adopting is such a good thing.

Promoting Positive Parenting across Cultures
This video by the British Columbia Public Service talks about the promotion of positive parenting across cultures.

Knowing the Baumrind's General Parenting Styles
A brief video which covers Baumrind's general parenting styles. According to her study, parenting is a combination of acceptance and responsiveness.

Positive Parenting
Parenting expert Amy McCready discusses her nag- and yell-free program for correcting your children's bad behavior.

Audio Clips

Parental Strategies for Coping with Cyber Bullying
In this podcast, Holli Kenley, M.A., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist discusses the issue of cyber bullying and strategies for parents.

Good Parenting
In this Iowa State University podcast, Professor Kimberly Greder discuss four styles of parenting. unidentified in its early stages leading to more serious diagnosis that may affect a person’s ability to live a normal life. In this podcast Dr. William McFarlane discusses the Portland Identification and Early Referral Program, a model being used in many states to effectively identify and treat patients early.