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Video Clips

What's Next for Me?
Are you at the point in your life when you ask yourself what’s next? You’ve finished one chapter of your life and you’re ready to start the next.

The modern grandparent and their role in today's family
Times have really changed the role of grandparents, in this day of the modern family.

Grandparents in Europe: helping with childcare
Short documentary on how grandparents support families today across Europe by helping with childcare.

How to Cope with the Death of a Parent
Counselling Psychologist, Michelle Bassam, offers advice on dealing coping grief surrounding the loss of one or both parents. She discusses emotional coping strategies, how to find grief and bereavement resources, and deal with anniversaries.

Audio Clips

Your Midlife Crisis Is Only The Precursor To Your Good Life
A fresh take on the midlife crisis. We’ll look at happiness across a lifetime.