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Video Clips

Mastering time: A key to successful ageing
In this TEDx video clip, Claire Steves, a practicing geriatrician talks about the keys successfull age.

Research Update on Successful Aging and Mental Health- Research on Aging
Colin Depp, PhD discusses the behavioral and biological determinants of successful aging.

Successful Aging
Jamila Bookwala, associate professor of history at Lafayette College, lectures on "Successful Aging" at Alumni Summer College.

Audio Clips

Positive Aging
Besides enough money, what are the key elements in flourishing and feeling fulfilled as we grow older? Dr. Carol Ryff, Director of the Institute of Aging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor of psychology and author of over 60 publications on this subject, shares her knowledge.

Fairy Tales and the New Aging
A podcast with John C. Robinson, Ph.D., clinical psychologist talks about the interface of psychology, and spirituality, and aging.