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Video Clips

Health Disparities in Adolescent Girls
This video clip is part of an ongoing series of career guidance/inspiration videos.

Supporting Girls Health to Promote Their Empowerment
This plenary session raises awareness for, and establishes a dialog about, supporting vulnerable girls' health and educational needs in order to keep them in school and promote their empowerment.

What is gender socialization?
An overview of gender socialization among females, presented by the YWCA-Montreal.

Girls' Health and Education: Igniting Change Worldwide
Alarming discrepancies persist between genders and within and among nations on who receives quality, sustained education and, consequently, who experiences the most opportunities to thrive. This video Harvard University video examined the sources of these discrepancies, including entrenched biases and predatory acts such as trafficking, and reviewed efforts to raise up the world's girls through health and education.

Growing Up a Girl
In this video, speakers Trina Menden Anglin, M.D., Ph.D., Elizabeth Miller, M.D., Ph.D. and Scyatta Wallace, Ph.D., provide an overview of adolescent girl growth and development including opportunities and risks encountered by today's teenage girls.

Audio Clips

Teenage health, social problems
This World Health Organization podcast talks about the risks and consequences of teenage pregnancies.