Web Exercises

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  1. Who does survey research and how do they do it? These questions can be answered through careful inspection of ongoing surveys and the organizations that administer them at www.ciser.cornell.edu/info/polls.shtml. Spend some time reading about the different survey research organizations, and write a brief summary of the types of research they conduct, the projects in which they are involved, and the resources they offer on their websites. What are the distinctive features of different survey research organizations?
  2. Choose a criminal justice topic that you might use survey research to explore and find your topic in the General Social Survey’s subject index (http://www.norc.uchicago.edu/GSS+Website/Browse+GSS+Variables/Subject+Index/). Using the questions found there construct a 20-25 item survey on your topic.  Don’t forget the demographic questions.
  3. Go to the Research Triangle Institute website at www.rti.org. Click on "Tools and Methods," then "Surveys," and then "Survey Design and Development." Read about their methods for computer-assisted interviewing (under "Survey Methods") and their cognitive laboratory methods for refining questions (under "Usability Testing"). What does this add to your treatment of these topics in this chapter?
  4. Go to The Question Bank at http://surveynet.ac.uk/sqb/. Go to the "Topics" link and then click on one of the listed surveys or survey sections that interest you. Review 10 questions used in the survey, and critique them in terms of the principles for question writing that you have learned. Do you find any question features that might be attributed to the use of British English?
  5. Go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/?ut_source=header.  Explore the website and become familiar with what can be done with Survey Monkey.  Then, based on what you know, provide a critique of Survey Monkey.  What types of research would it be most beneficial for?  What types of research would it be the least effective for?  What are the strengths and limitations of Survey Monkey?  Last, provide a hypothetical situation of where you would consider using Survey Monkey for your own research survey.