Web Exercises

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  1. Go to the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR) site at http://www.aqr.org.uk/. Peruse the site and then choose three or four interesting resources to find out more about qualitative research.  Explore the resources to find out what information they provide regarding research, what kinds of projects are being done that involve research, and the purposes that these methods are being used for.
  2. Go to the Annual Review of Sociology’s website by following the publication link at http://soc.AnnualReviews.org. Search for articles that use field research as the primary method of gathering data on gangs or delinquency. Find at least three articles and report on the specific method of field research used in each.
  3. Search the Web for information on focus groups (previous, upcoming, or ongoing) involving victims, offenders, fear of crime, crime prevention, or another criminological topic. List the Web sites you found, and write a paragraph about the purpose of each focus group and the sample involved. How might these focus groups be used to influence public policy?
  4. The Qualitative Report is an online journal about qualitative research. Inspect the table of contents for a recent issue at www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/index.html. Read one of the articles and write a brief article review.
  5. Go to the Systematic Social Observation Log. Peter K. B. St. Jean used this log to code his study. When completing the log, either fill in the blank or choose only one option per question. After the log has been completed, you may input information for several blocks into a statistical program such as SPSS or Excel to interpret the data.

    Questions/Exercises for #5 

  • Review the Systematic Social Observation Log provided above. What additional criteria would you consider adding to St. Jean's Systematic Social Observation Log in order to anticipate the amount of social disorder that would occur on a block or in a neighborhood?
  • Complete the Systematic Social Observation Log for three blocks (or more) while viewing the video clip provided above. Based on your observations, which blocks would have more or less social disorder? Explain your reasoning.
  • Watch a tour of an economically challenged neighborhood in Detroit. Using the Systematic Social Observation Log provided above, compare the Detroit neighborhood to the Chicago neighborhood that St. Jean recorded. Which neighborhood do you feel would have more social disorder? Why?