Check What You’ve Learned

These quizzes are provided for you to help you check what you have learned from the text. Each quiz includes short answer and essay questions.


  1. How many stages are there in group development, according to the authors? What are they? Describe each stage.
  2. The physical distance between people is called what?
  3. What two theories were applied to groups before they were used with individuals?
  4. List the ways in which cohesion can be built.
  5. How you communicate and behave will be copied by the members of the group. This technique is called what?
  6. What is it called when others who are listening identify strongly with the speaker?
  7. What skill helps you to know what’s going on with all members at any given time, especially the members not currently speaking?
  8. One way to get members of the group to do most of the work without having to assert your power as the leader is to do what?
  9. What are two times when blocking might be appropriate?
  10. How might you energize a group that seems bored or disinterested?
  11. True/false: When working with a co-leader, it is appropriate to disagree in front of the group.