Check What You’ve Learned

These quizzes are provided for you to help you check what you have learned from the text. Each quiz includes short answer and essay questions.


  1. Learning cultural stereotypes is helpful to understand your client better. However, taking _____ _____ into account supersedes the stereotypes you learn.
  2. List the five areas described in the chapter where cultural sensitivity must be taken into consideration.
  3. Which two ethnic cultures have specific identity development models listed in this chapter?
  4. When working with clients who are immigrants, you must not only consider the cultural norms from which the client comes, but you must also consider their level of _____.
  5. List at least three areas of norms with which you will want to become familiar when meeting a new, culturally different client.
  6. One function you will have as a therapist is to teach your client how to _____ _____ _____ _____.
  7. Ethical and legal guidelines state that you must be _____ about cultural differences and _____ diversity.
  8. List some things you must consider before scheduling a client for therapy.
  9. Communications between you and your client are confidential except under what six conditions?
  10. Because clients are likely to have different values from your own, it will be important that you do your own work by undergoing what process?