Check What You’ve Learned

These quizzes are provided for you to help you check what you have learned from the text. Each quiz includes short answer and essay questions.


The first seven questions refer to the type of skill the therapist is using:

  1. “You think that no one believes in you?”
  2. “There are several factors that may be affecting your problem with sleeping. For example, . . .”
  3. “You said you don’t have any friends, and yet you have lunch plans with different people each day.”
  4. (therapist says nothing, but waits for the client to finish crying)
  5. “You say you don’t understand why your family thinks you try to please people too much. However, in session I have noticed that you have yet to disagree with anything I’ve said, no matter how absurd.”
  6. “The relationship with your husband sounds a lot like the relationship you have with your father.”
  7. “I have really enjoyed our time together in therapy, and although I’m sad that our time is coming to an end, I’m also excited that you feel ready to terminate.”
  8. True/false: Although people can have insight into their behavior, insight isn’t enough to facilitate behavioral change.
  9. What is the consequence of inappropriate use or overuse of self-disclosures?
  10. What is the difference between how you have always used these skills in your personal life versus how you will use them as a therapist?