Check What You’ve Learned

These quizzes are provided for you to help you check what you have learned from the text. Each quiz includes short answer and essay questions.


  1. What are two skills that can be used with teachers and therapists to facilitate deeper exploration and assign appropriate ownership of issues?
  2. The two basic interventions used regardless of theory are what?
  3. According to the authors, how many stages are there to therapy?
  4. What is the most important task of the therapist in the beginning stage of therapy?
  5. True/false: All theorists agree that insight is a necessary step in therapy.
  6. The authors believe that insight is an ____ and ____ part of the therapeutic process.
  7. The primary skill of the action stage is to increase client ____ and ____. 
  8. Relapses in the therapeutic process toward reaching a goal are ____ and ____.
  9. Research indicates that the ____ of theory is less important than the ____ of theory for determining therapeutic outcomes.
  10. ____ is one of the best tools for understanding the therapeutic process.