Check What You’ve Learned Answers

These quizzes are provided for you to help you check what you have learned from the text. Each quiz includes short answer and essay questions.


For the following eight client statements, what type of action skill might you use?

  1. “There is one part of me that would like to confront my father, but there is another part of me that wants to defend him.”
  2. “I’m really afraid to tell my friend she hurt my feelings, but I have to do it. I just don’t know how.”
  3. “By the end of my drive home, I’m so wound up from the traffic, I just yell at everyone.”
  4. “I’ve been doing my imagery homework each day, and I’d like to try it now.”
  5. “You are just like my mother; you have to tell me everything I do wrong.”
  6. “Using imagery sounds very interesting and may be something that helps me to deal with all the stressors in my life. Where can I learn more?”
  7. “To actually talk in front of a group seems terrifying. I don’t think I’ll be prepared for it next month.”
  8. “I was able to ask Janet out on a date last week! I finally had the courage to do it!”
  9. True/false: Resistance is something to avoid in therapy.
  10. What are three qualities that should be taken into consideration when setting goals?