Strategist Interview

Michael Smith, Executive Director at Asia Pacific Civil Military Centre of Excellence

Politics and strategy

The world in which companies operate is highly political and firms need to recognize that political and power analysis is an essential piece of their strategy toolkit. Corporations and states are increasingly intertwined. Both now shape the evolution of the global world and, just as states must develop strategies for international relations, so must corporations. Michael Smith shares some of his experience as a strategist in the political arena.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Selection and maintenance of the aim [04:49]
  • The art of the possible [07:31]
  • The process of strategy [09:20]
  • How you get stakeholder buy-in [11:28]
  • New strategies for conflict resolution [17:39]
  • The importance of reflection, focus and challenge [21:33]
  • Why prevention is better than cure [24:19]