Strategist Interview

Peter Freedman, Founder and Managing Director of Røde Microphones

From small shop to prestigious global brand

Recently announced as a Member of the Order of Australia, and a former Ernst & Young Industry Entrepreneur of the Year for Australia, Peter Freedman AM is the managing director of RØDE Microphones. In this video Peter explains his approach to decision-making and managing RØDE to take the company from a small shop front to a diversified global company with a prestigious brand. In this video you will learn about:

  • Starting and growing a business [00:26]
  • Keeping up with the latest and staying ahead [02:22]
  • Doing business in Australia and internationally [06:26]
  • Making decisions based on experience and research [09:38]
  • Leading and inspiring others [12:48]
  • Getting started as a professional [13:49]


John Dobell, Managing Partner at Ernst & Young

Entrepreneurial strategies

Innovation sits at the core of entrepreneurial strategy, to identify a new opportunity or modify an existing one in order to drive greater profitability. Jon Dobell from Ernst & Young is an authority on the linkages between strategy and innovation, and his discussion on entrepreneurial strategy is as important for firms in the embryonic stage as it is for those in the maturity phase.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Entrepreneurship and strategy [04:43]
  • Driving innovation [13:40]
  • How to stay innovative [17:56]
  • Strategy consulting [21:11]
  • Keeping an open mind [23:57]