Strategist Interview

Rudd Polet, Global Brand Marketing Manager at International Netherlands Group (ING)

Strategy and branding

In the knowledge-based economy, traditional markets have become less predictable and more complex. Product-based differentiation is no longer sufficient; it must represent the whole organization, and this is where branding takes the lead role. Ruud Polet, Head of Brand Marketing at ING, provides great insight into the marketing and distribution of ING’s brand internally and externally.

In this video you will learn about:

  • A global company [01:20]
  • Reasons for merging [02:20]
  • Defining strategy [04:53]
  • Defining the value proposition [07:28]
  • Implementing new branding internally [11:48]
  • Advice for strategists [15:00]
  • Reactions to financial crisis [15:53]


Svein Brandtzaeg, Executive Vice President and Board Member of Norsk Hydro ASA

Management of change

As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life as well as in business. Rapid changes in both the external and internal environments impact an organization’s people, structure and technology. Svein Brandtzaeg, of Norsk Hydro Asa, provides an excellent case for what it means to successfully implement a strategy for change as he reflects on the firm’s exit from the global magnesium industry.

In this video you will learn about:

  • How to become a strategist [02:50]
  • Strategy (an overview) [05:30]
  • Going through periods of change [11:30]
  • Crafting and implementing a strategy [16:37]
  • Predictions for the future of strategy [25:42]
  • Advice for students [27:38]