Strategist Interview

James Bradfield Moody, Founder and CEO of Sendle

Growing and gaining traction as a startup

James Bradfield Moody is the CEO and founder of Sendle, a circular economy logistics company that unlocks and makes available the idle back haul in courier vehicles. In this video James explains how to grow and gain traction as a start-up business within a segment of the parcel delivery market that is traditionally dominated by monopolies.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Starting and growing a business [01:03]
  • Understanding industry dynamics and trends [02:25]
  • Start-up business strategy [06:08]
  • Mastering traction channels [08:36]
  • Working with others [10:05]
  • Making decisions as a team [11:30]
  • Staying motivated [14:39]