Further Reading

Links to SAGE readings have been provided, non-SAGE readings are suggested and you may be able to find these via your university’s library.

Chapter 4 describes Riessman’s experiences of the dilemmas of ethical practice when the requirements of one national body are exported to another country where the fieldwork takes place. It is worth reading her account in full:

Riessman, C.K. (2005) ‘Exporting ethics: A narrative about narrative research in South India’, Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine, 9(4): 473–90.

These readings provide further detail and discussion on ethical issues raised by doing research on sensitive subjects; and using photographs:

Bahn, S. and Weatherill, P. (2013) ‘Qualitative social research: a risky business when it comes to collecting “sensitive” data’, Qualitative Research, 13(3): 19–35.

Creighton, G., Oliffe, J. L., Ferlatte, O., Bottorff, J., Broom, A. and Jenkins, E. K. (2017) ‘Photovoice ethics: Critical reflections from men’s mental health research’, Qualitative Health Research, 1049732317729137.