Further Reading

Links to SAGE readings have been provided, non-SAGE readings are suggested and you may be able to find these via your university’s library.

For a short paper showing how participant observation fieldwork can be written up for journal articles, see Cohn on blood donation. Look at the way in which he draws out ‘what is happening’ not just from thick description, but by linking this to broader ideas about blood circulation, community and welfare.

Cohn, S. (2016) ‘Blood and the public body: a study of UK blood donation and research participation’, Critical Public Health, 26(1): 24–35.

For an example of how non-participant observation is conducted and written up, this paper is based on analysis of recordings of consultations, using conversation analysis techniques:

Niedel, S., Traynor, M., McKee, M. and Grey, M. (2013) ‘Parallel vigilance: parents' dual focus following diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes mellitus in their young child’, Health (London);17(3): 246–65. doi: 10.1177/1363459312451180. Epub 2012