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Multimedia Links

  • Video: Introduction to the honey bee waggle dance and the life of the hive
  • Video: The honey bee waggle dance, with an explanation of von Frisch’s experiments, and how to decipher the iconic meaning conveyed in the dance’s elements.
  • Video: Robert Seyfarth discusses his research examining vervet alarm calls, indicating that they can function like words.
  • Video: Kanzi shows some of his lexigram vocabulary, with Sue Savage-Rumbaugh. The lexigram symbols are arbitrary in nature, rather than iconic.
  • Video: Kanzi performs novel commands, spoken by Sue Savage-Rumbaugh. She wears the mask to limit any cues from her eyes or face as to the intended meaning of the novel sentences. 
  • Audio: Recent fossils found indicating earlier Neanderthal-Human mixing than previously thought.
  • Audio: Sue Savage-Rumbaugh describes her work with Kanzi and other primates. NOVA, PBS
  • Audio: one woman’s story of communicating with dolphins. NPR, Radiolab.