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Article 1: Gingerich, A. C., & Lineweaver, T. T. (2014). OMG! Texting in class = U Fail :( Empirical evidence that text messaging during class disrupts comprehension. Teaching of Psychology, 41(1), 44-51. doi: 10.1177/0098628313514177

  • An empirical study revealing that, indeed, texting during lecture reduces comprehension.

Discussion Questions

  1. Identify the main research question.
  2. What conditions were compared in the pilot study, Experiment 1, and in Experiment 2? Why was each subsequent experiment performed – how did it improve on or extend the previous one(s)?
  3. Describe the main results of the study. Were there any results that surprised you, and how so?
  4. How aware do you think you are of your own learning when you are multi-tasking?