Video and Multimedia

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Multimedia Links

  • Video: An introduction to fMRI, with a visual task to illustrate the basic principles and procedures. Science Friday, NPR
  • Video: An introduction to EEG and the logic behind measuring electrical activity of the brain. University of Derby, UK
  • Video: Keith Rayner introduces some basic properties of eye movements. 
  • Video: An animated example of eye movements when reading. The circles represent fixations, and the size of the circle grows with increased fixation duration. The thin line between fixations represents a saccade.
  • Audio: Science goes to the movies – scientist consultants and judges in the movie industry. Science Friday, NPR.
  • Audio: A podcast discussing recent revelations regarding ethical misconduct in the performance and peer review of empirical research. Science Friday, NPR.
  • Audio: Judah Folkman, a leading cancer researcher, describes an “aha” moment from high school science, on thinking big and making what seem to be unlikely connections. NOVA, PBS