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On the Road to Being : My Personal Journey into Existential Theory and Practice

Manijeh Badiee

The article describes how the author has investigated existential themes of meaning, purpose, presence, and self reflection through her own life.  Implications for her work with clients and her own emergence and growth as a counselor are explored.  Themes of existential clarity and existential obscurity are discussed. 

  1. How would you describe the concept of existential clarity?  What is meant by existential obscurity? 
  2. Please describe acceptance and commitment therapy.  How is it similar to existential therapy?  How is it different?
  3. Considering the content and example provided by the article, can you outline stages of your own existential journey?

Working With the Elderly: An ExistentialHumanistic Approach

Rochelle Suri

The article frames an existential – humanistic approach to working with the elderly.  Descriptions of specific existential themes of presence, meaning, spirituality, anxiety, and fear / loss are explored and described.  The article also connects statistics related to the aging of the population (increased numbers of individuals over age 65) with implications for providing counseling services.

  1. How would you, in your own words, describe what is meant by presence, spirituality, and meaning in counseling work?
  2. If you were to design a counseling course, how would you teach existential-humanistic approaches?
  3. Are there any theories or approaches, besides existential-humanism, that you would apply as you counsel and work with the elderly?