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Examining the Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Meta-Analysis

Johnny S. Kim

The article describes a meta-analysis and systematic review of research related to solution focused brief therapy, with the goal of examining evidence that may support this model of counseling.  Implications for policy creation are discussed. 

  1. What are some of the reasons that counselors from a wide array of disciplines have begun to examine and implement solution focused brief therapy?  What is your reaction to these perceived or real benefits of solution focused brief therapy?
  2. What are the seven core elements of solution focused brief therapy that were used to screen studies to be included in the meta – analysis?
  3. List and describe three limitations that existed in this meta-analysis.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Groupwork with At-Risk Junior High School Students: Enhancing the Bottom Line

W. Sean Newsome

The article describes an investigation of the impact of solution focused brief therapy groupwork on school attendance and gpa for a group of at-risk junior high school students.  Pre and Post-tests were administered to students and comparison between a short term brief therapy group and a control group who did not receive this intervention were made.

  1. Please describe how solution focused brief therapy groups are structured to achieve proactive change. 
  2. What are some of the validity threats that present challenges in generalizing the results of this study to other applications of solution focused brief therapy groupwork to address attendance and gpa (at-risk junior high school students)?
  3. Design a solution focused brief therapy group for an issue that you believe is particularly relevant for a population that you want to work with and serve.