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Choice Theory: An Interview With Dr. William Glasser

Jill D. Onedera and Bill Greenwalt

The article consists of an interview with Dr. William Glasser where he describes his choice theory and choice theory approach to counseling.  Within the article, he shares his perspective on mental health, choice in relationships, and how counselors can implement choice theory with their clients.  Examples of approaching presenting counseling concerns are shared, with emphasis placed upon the level of desired control over external events and people impact happiness.

  1. The article asserts that mental health is healthy relationships, and within relationships an individual can control only their own individual behavior.  Do you agree with this statement?  Why or why not?  What might be missing from this conceptualization of mental health?
  2. What is the difference, according to the article, between suffering from unhappiness and suffering from mental illness?
  3. What are described by Glasser as the seven deadly habits and the seven caring habits?  How do these habits impact counseling?  How do these habits impact parenting?

Marriage Failure: A New Look at an Old Problem

William Glasser and Larry L. Palmatier

The article applies tenets of Glasser’s Reality Therapy to marriage relationships.  This application involves exploring basic needs, the concept of a quality world, and responsibility and choice of attitude and behavior within a marriage relationship.  Recommendations for a marriage skills program incorporating Reality Therapy are made. 

  1. What are the “five basic needs” described in the article?  Can you give an example of how each of these needs manifest within the marriage relationship?
  2. What is the “Old Problem” being described in the article?
  3. Describe the concept of the “quality world” and outline how it impacts an individual’s experience of relationships?