Web Resources and Media

Web Resources, Organizations and Training

  • Publications and resources from Gary Yontef and Lynne Jacobs, faculty at the Pacific Gestalt Institute
  • Articles available in English and German through the Gestalt Critique, an online magazine for gestalt therapy
  • Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy: The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT), an international community, is a dynamic, inclusive, multinational organization committed to the advancement of theory, philosophy, practice, and research in Gestalt therapy. Personal growth, mental health, education, organizational development, political/social change, and the fine and performing arts are all included within the broad scope of Gestalt therapy. AAGT has a broad global membership of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, teachers, academics, writers, artists, performers, organizational consultants, political and social analysts, activists, and students.
  • Center for Gestalt Development: Publishes the Gestalt Directory that contains information about Gestalt clinicians and training programs throughout the world.
  • Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training:The center provides training that reflects its Gestalt philosophy. The training program is for 3 years with client referrals for the second and third years. Students observe live demonstrations by faculty therapists.
  • Gestalt Institute of Cleveland: The center offers personal and professional development, clinical training, organizational training, and coach training and certification. The professional training program is for 18 months, and it is designed to promote the growth and transformation of people.
  • New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy: This institute is the original one established by Fritz and Laura Perls in 1952. It offers a number of educational programs for members.
  • Pacific Gestalt Institute: The Pacific Gestalt Institute offers postgraduate courses and advanced clinical training to licensed psychotherapists or graduate students currently enrolled in a program leading to licensure. It offers American Psychological Association (APA) continuing education credits for training.


  • Psychotherapy training video of gestalt therapy produced by the American Psychological Association featuring Gordon Wheeler. In this demonstration of gestalt therapy, the client attempts to gain understanding of the meaning of her experiences—how she constructs the meaning of her experiences through the lens of her perspective.
  • This video (DVD or streaming) shows Violet Oaklander working with an adolescent in gestalt therapy.