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About feelings in action research : An experiment in first-person inquiry

Hanne Heen

The article explores the implications of the author’s feelings and lived experience in the act of conducting research.  A gestalt framework is proposed as one way to integrate personal experience self-reflection and inquiry.

  1. The author describes Gestalt theory as shifting focus from the structure of (what is) to process (what role do I have in creating what is).  What is the role of counselor awareness in this shift?
  2. Consider one of your interactions and write about it using one of the perspectives upon first-person inquiry put forth in the article:
  3. What happened in the interaction?
  1. How did the interaction impact you?
  2. How can you use this information to inform the general picture of the other person, and the relationship that exists between the two of you?
  1. What is the role of examining feelings in Gestalt theory application?

Two Approaches to Counseling a Parent Alone: Toward a Gestalt-Adlerian Integration

James Robert Bitter

The article provides an example of the application of Gestalt therapy in addressing the relationship between a parent and child.  A comparison of Gestalt and Adlerian theories are made through the presentation of two cases.  The P.A.C.E. acronym provides a foundation for the integration of Gestalt and Adlerian theories.

  1. List three observations that you make about the focus of Gestalt therapy from reading the description of the work of David and Erv. 
  2. Name and describe the elements of the P.A.C.E. acronym. 
  3. Using the cases presented in the article, how are Gestalt and Adlerian approaches similar, and how are they different?