Student Resources

To support your teacher training a range of additional resources have been provided including:

PowerPoints supporting key concepts for select chapters.

Additional resources accompanying select chapters, give insight into everything from student observation, collaboration, scenario exercises and much more.

Useful websites direct you to up-to-date, relevant information to further your study and practice.

Recommended key readings direct you to additional materials to aid your teacher training and future career.

A range of additional resources have been provided supporting select concepts and chapters of the book.

Chapter 3

Scenario 1: Enhanced learning

Scenario 2: Legislation

Scenario 3: Providing evidence of professionalism

Chapter 4

Safeguarding exercise

Chapter 5

Belbin team roles

Pupils and communication

Teachers communicating and collaborating

Chapter 12

Student area observation 1

Student area observation 2

Student area observation 3

Chapter 13

Medium term plan

Planning audit tool

Scheme of Work

Third year myths and legends

Units of Work

Chapter 18

External resources

Chapter 23

Subject data exercise