Constitutional Law Resource Center

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Systems Supported

Operating Systems

Internet Explorer

The Constitutional Law Resource Center is accessible on mobile devices, but some features may not be available. 

Other Software Needs 
Students may need Adobe Flash Player to access some of the site resources. 

How do I access the Constitutional Law Resource Center?

You can access the Resource Center at Access to the Resource Center is free when instructors place a bundle ISBN order with an eligible CQ Press title.
Students must purchase bundled products to gain free access to the Resource Center.

Is this compatible with my LMS?

No, the Resource Center is a standalone portal that is not currently LMS-compatible. 

How long do I have access?

Students and instructors have access for as long as the book edition is in print.

What are the main features of the product?

The Constitutional Law Resource Center includes:

  • 500+ excerpted cases referenced in the commentary of Constitutional Law for a Changing America.
  • Interactive flashcards 
  • 30 hypothetical cases paired with discussion questions and writing assignments. 
  • A moot court simulation which allows students to play the roles of counsel or Chief or Associate justice of the Supreme Court. 
  • Resources from CQ Press's Library
    • Reference publications, including historical background, commentary and analysis, justice biographies, as well as statistical information and data. 
    • Without Prejudice, The CLCA blog featuring posts from Rorie Spill Solberg and Liane Kosaki, experienced Constitutional Law instructors and scholars.

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