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How do I access the Constitutional Law Resource Center?

You can access the Resource Center at Access to the Resource Center is free when instructors place a bundle ISBN order with an eligible CQ Press title.
Students must purchase bundled products to gain free access to the Resource Center.

Is this compatible with my LMS?

No, the Resource Center is a standalone portal that is not currently LMS-compatible. 

How long do I have access?

Students and instructors have access for as long as the book edition is in print.

What's in the Case Archive?

  • 500+ excerpted cases referenced in the commentary of Constitutional Law for a Changing America.
  • Vote information and details about each case
  • Advanced Search capabilities to encourage exploration among the collection.
  • Biographies of all Supreme Court Justices from CQ Press' Library
  • Reference publications, including historical background, commentary and analysis, justice biographies, as well as statistical information and data. 

What are the Instructor Resources?

The Constitutional Law Resource Center includes:

  • Hypothetical Cases: Each chapter contains cases and questions that help student apply their knowlegde of course cases by analyzing and deciding simulated cases as a hypothetical justice. 
  • Test Banks: Carefully crafted essay questions for each chapter will challenge students to think and respond criticallty to core content.
  • PowerPoint Slides: Chapter-specific powerpoint presentations offer assistance with lecture and review preparation by highlighting essential content, features, and artwork from the book.
  • Instructor Manual: Organized by chapter, the instructor manual contains questions and notes to support your lecture prep or class discussion as well as case briefs of select course cases with political context, relevant facts, legal questions, and legal reasoning notes.
  • Tables and Figures: are available in PDF, JPG and PowerPoint format.

What are the main Student resoruces?

  • Chapter Quizzes
  • Court Case quizzes
  • Flashcards of glossary terms (not chapter specific)
  • Video fro m SAGE's Premium Video collection!



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