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GoReact’s easy-to-use video recording tool supports Communication courses by helping students practice and evaluate presentation skills in a fun and feedback-centered environment. Building confidence and soft skills, GoReact’s effective peer-preview features and instructor evaluation tools save time and provide necessary student support.

  • One-touch webcam and mobile recording.
  • Group data analytics: measure and track performance outcomes..
  • Feedback: Time-coded comments and video responses on live or recorded presentations.
  • Maximize class time. Grade during live presentations and complete customized rubrics that flow to an LMS.

"The students improved more in one week using GoReact than they usually do in an entire semester.”
Anne Grinols, Baylor University

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Systems Supported

Operating Systems 
The most current versions of operating systems and browsers are recommended. Older versions have not been tested. 

Internet Explorer
GoReact works with IE 10 and 11 but does not work well with IE 9 or older. Also works with Safari 6 or 7, but not well with 5.

Android Smartphone
Android Tablet
Users can only record live with a PC, but can use mobile devices to record and upload videos.

Other Software and Hardware Needs
To record into the tool, you need a personal computer and a webcam with Adobe Flash.
You will need a mobile device or camera to record offline and upload video into the tool.

How do I set up my Instructor account?

Instructors can create a free account.

How do I set up my student account?

Purchase a SAGE GoReact slimpack as a standalone product or bundled with a SAGE text. Then you will register via a course link provided by your instructor. Note: Without the slimpack and the course link, you will be unable to register.

Click the link you receive from your instructor, and you'll see a page like this:

GoReact Register

Enter your information, and you will be guided to a page on which you enter your access code. To enter your code, click the “Enter Access Code” button and type in the code where indicated.

GoReact Payment

On your dashboard you’ll find activities your instructor has assigned. Note that you will not be able to record video until your instructor creates an activity.

How do Instructors set up a course?

Create a course by selecting “New Course” from the navigation and adding a course name and dates. Note: Instructors will also set student access to the tool. Instructors using a SAGE title will select the $15 option when creating a course. Students who purchase a new textbook pay with an access code.

GoReact Create Course

Within a Course, instructors create Activities for each assignment or recording activity. This helps group the videos for each assignment. From your Dashboard, click the “New Activity” button at bottom left. Then complete information for the Activity.

GoReact Create Activity

Within an Activity, instructors can:

  • Add additional permissions (such as Self-Critique or Peer Critique)
  • Choose feedback elements to include (Comments, an End Note, Score, or a thumbs up/down ratings line)
  • Add instructions for recorders and/or reviewers
  • Specify a Source Media if this is an activity requiring a stimulus video. (For example, an instructor could upload a video with mock interview questions for students to pause and respond to. Or an instructor could upload a video to which students record a language interpreting response.)

GoReact Activity

When creating an Activity, instructors may want to use GoReact rubric feature to customize assessments. Rubrics can contain categories of items, individual response items, and auto-score totals. 

The following rubric element types are available:

  • Individual element (possible points for an item)
  • Checkbox element (pts earned/deducted when an item is checked)
  • Numeric scale (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5 rating)
  • Qualitative scale (i.e. Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent)
  • Text response (open text box item)
  • Category and overall totals

From within an Activity, instructors click the "Add" button to set up a rubric.

GoReact Rubric

Note: Once a rubric is added, it stays in the instructor’s Library for future Activities.
Then instructors create and save a custom rubric.

GoReact custom rubric


For Instructors: How do my students access GoReact?

Your students will purchase a SAGE GoReact slimpack that includes a printed access code. Students will register via a course link provided by their instructor. Note: Students will be unable to register without the slimpack and course link.

To create the course link for students and send it by email, click the Registration Link button in the top bar. You’ll have an option to copy the link or create an email. Distribute this link to your students by email or in your course materials. When students click the link and enter their name/email and access code, they’ll be registered to your course.

Note: Be sure to send the correct individual link for each course so students register to the proper section.

GoReact Invite Uers

How do instructors record videos?

Click “Create Video” on your dashboard screen and then choose the Activity and Presenter(s). You can optionally add a title.

GoReact Create video

Record Presentations

After you’ve created a video, if you do not go to the recording screen, the status on your Dashboard will say “Awaiting Start”. On a class presentation day, it can be helpful to pre-create your recording sessions.

To record a pre-created session, click the Record icon next to it.

You’ll see a preview of your webcam’s current view. (If blank, make sure to connect your webcam.) If possible, record using a wired internet connection.

Click “Record” to start recording. The red light will flash while recording. To Stop or Pause, click “Stop”. The video will show the current length of time recorded so far. 

To resume recording, click “Resume.” Otherwise, simply Exit the recording screen.

Important: Watch the audio bars on the recording screen to make sure you’re getting sufficient audio (should reach green bars while the presenter is speaking). We recommend a test recording at the beginning of any period when presentations will be recorded.

GoReact record

How do students record videos?

Click “Create Video” on your dashboard screen and then create a name for your recording. Make sure to attach your recording to the correct assignment!

GoReact Create video

Record Presentations

After you’ve created a video, if you do not go to the recording screen, your new video's Dashboard status should say “Awaiting Start”. Click the Record icon next to it.

You’ll see a preview of your webcam’s current view. (If blank, make sure your webcam is connected.) If possible, record using a wired internet connection.

Click “Record” to start recording. The red light will flash while recording. To Stop or Pause, click “Stop”. The video will show the current length of time recorded so far. To resume recording, click “Resume”, otherwise, exit the recording screen.

GoReact record

How do I critique presentations?

To critique a video, click the Comment icon next to a video on your dashboard. Timeline comments may be entered live during the recording or when playing the video back.

If reviewing an already recorded video, you'll enter feedback on the feedback screen alongside the video. If reviewing a Live presentation, you'll see a timer instead of actual video in the video window so you can keep your eyes on the presenter.

Instructors and students can critique videos in the following ways:

  1. By indicating a number rating as the speech plays. (A)
  2. By submitting written comments via a text box. Comments are posted with a time stamp and name above the text box. (B)
  3. By recording video comments using a webcam. (C)
  4. By adding an “endnote,” a longer note that includes overall comments and feedback. (D)

GoReact Critique

In addition, instructors can access and use their rubric by clicking the “Evaluation” tab on the feedback panel.

How do I view critiqued videos?

Instructors and Reviewers can always see all comments on all videos. Presenters can log into GoReact anywhere, anytime to review their commented video. Click "View" next to the presentation you wish to review.

GoReact My Videos

Comments and ratings from reviewers will be displayed, along with the video and playback controls.

GoReact Comments

How do I upload videos?

Record your video on any recording device (camera, mobile device, etc.) and save the video file to your computer. If using a mobile device, you can open your GoReact dashboard on your mobile browser.

Click the “Upload” button on your dashboard.

GoReact upload

Select the correct activity, title and date recorded and browse to find the video you want to upload.

GoReact Browse My Videos

Click “Start Upload.” Time to upload video depends on your video file size and your internet connection speed. After it uploads, you will see it processing (may take a few minutes). Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation that your upload was successful.

GoReact email

Helpful tips for students and instructors.

System Requirements

  • Windows or Mac PC with Adobe Flash (latest 2 versions of OS and browser supported)
  • Internet access (wired recommended for recording PC)
  • Webcam for the recording PC

Physical Setup Considerations

  • Locate the wired connection options in the room (for recording).
  • Identify placement area for the recording PC and the camera. Avoid placing the camera too close to any reviewer, as the keyboard typing sound will be picked up.
  • Determine if an Ethernet extension or a USB extension cable is necessary.

Video/Audio Quality

  • Video on GoReact records to the server at a 360p quality setting. Video uploads cap at 1 GB. Wired internet is recommended for the recording PC to ensure video quality.
  • Audio quality is determined by the quality and placement of the webcam’s microphone. Watch the audio bars on the recording screen to make sure audio is sufficient (bars should reach green while you’re speaking).

Supported Video Formats

  • MP4 / M4V: MPEG 4 format
  • MP2 / MPG: MPEG 2 format
  • MTS: MPEG Transport Stream
  • WMV: Windows Media video
  • MOV: QuickTime Movie
  • AVI: Digital video
  • H.264: Misc. H.264 formats
  • FLV: Adobe Flash Video
  • 3GP: Mobile video format
  • VP6: another Flash format

GoReact Help Resources

Is this compatible with my LMS?

At this point, no. In the future, GoReact will be compatible with some learning management systems.

Who do I contact for technical support? 

How long do I have access?

Instructors have course access as long as they have a GoReact account.

Students will have access to record for the duration of the course. The videos will be stored in Amazon Cloud and will be available for download for three years. 

What are the main features of GoReact?

GoReact is a web tool developed at Brigham Young University that allows students and instructors to evaluate, record and share video.  

Main features include:

  • Real-time commenting
  • Critiquing of uploaded clips 
  • A customized grading rubric for instructors that establishes scoring parameters
  • Live recording via a webcam
  • Offline recording uploaded from cell phones and cameras (and clips from sites such as YouTube)
  • Downloading recordings made within the tool (for instructors.)

For additional technical support, complete a Technical Support Form or contact us.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions

PDF icon GoReact_Instructor_faq.pdf

PDF icon GoReact_Student_faq.pdf