IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base Integrated Student Edition v.24


Systems Supported

Minimum System Requirements


• Windows 7 or higher (Not NT)

• Intel or AMD x86 processor running at 1 GHz or more

• 2 GHz or faster Processor Recommended

• 2 GB Hard Disk Space (60-70 MB for each additional language)

• 4 GB RAM

• 1024 x 786 or higher screen resolution

• 16-Bit Sound Card

• Speakers or Headphones

• USB 2.0 port



• OS 10.10+

• Power Mac G3-G5

• x86-64 Processor Recommended

• 2 GB Hard Disk Space (60-70 MB for each additional language)

• 4 GB RAM

• 1024 x 786 or higher screen resolution

• 16-Bit Sound Card

• Speakers or Headphones

• USB 2.0 port

• Note: Java JRE (6 or 7) must already be installed before you can run the SPSS Statistics 24.0 on a Mac


For technical assistance, please visit

IBM® SPSS® Statistics is packaged as a flash drive, and you will need a USB port to install and use the product.

A full set of system requirements for v.24 is available. 


How do I access IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base Integrated Student Edition?

Purchase IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base Integrated Student Edition v.24 from SAGE as part of a bundle with a new textbook or as a standalone product from IBM. Go to to learn more about bundles.

Mac installation from the flash drive.

  • Insert the flash drive into your USB port.
  • Browse to the IBM® SPSS® Device.
  • Click MacOS, then SPSS_Statistics_Installer, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.


Windows installation from the flash drive for Windows Vista or later.

  • Insert the flash drive into your USB port.
  • Find the flash drive device through your Start menu > Computer > Devices with Removeable Storage.
  • Select IBM® SPSS®.
  • Right-click setup in the Windows subfolder and choose Run as Administrator.
  • On the AutoPlay menu, click Install IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base Integrated Student Edition. Follow the instructions on the screen.

IBM Install

IBM® SPSS® Statistics is compatible with JAWS, an assistive technology product for visually impaired users. To enable JAWS and other assistive technology products to work with SPSS Statistics, select the option for enabling JAWS during the installation process.

Are there materials that will help me best use IBM® SPSS® Statistics?

Installation documentation for this version of IBM® SPSS® Statistics is on the installation flash drive. Click on Documentation and navigate to Installation Documents.

IBM Installation Documents

Additional Help documentation is available from within SPSS®:

SPSS® Help Tutorial
For a comprehensive overview of the basics, see the online tutorial. From any IBM® SPSS® Statistics menu choose Help > Tutorial. 

IBM Help Tutorial

IBM Tutorial

Statistics Coach

The Statistics Coach can help you get started by prompting you with questions, nontechnical language, and examples to help you select the basic statistical and charting features suited for your data.

To use the Statistics Coach, choose Help, then Statistics Coach from the menus.

IBM Stats Coach

IBM Statistics Coach

For installation and other technical support questions, visit IBM’s FAQs and Knowledge Base for students.

SAGE has a selection of titles for purchase that are devoted to the use of SPSS®. Visit for more information.

In addition, your school’s library and IT department may provide SPSS® resources and tutorials. 

Who do I contact for tech support? 

SPSS® Statistics is sold with SAGE texts, but it is a product developed and owned by IBM. To open a support request with IBM Student Support Services, go to, register on the site, and follow the instructions on the support center page.

How long do I have access?

Students have a 12-month license that begins on the day the product is installed. After the 12-month license period, the product will expire and no longer be available.

What are the main features of the product?

SPSS® Statistics is a software package for managing, viewing, and manipulating data, and performing statistical analysis. You can use SPSS® to create charts, reports, and plot distributions and trends using many types of data files.

This student version is a single-user license that provides affordable access to statistical analysis, modeling and survey research tools that can support your college coursework and enable you to develop the advanced analytical skills employers seek. This program is intended only for academic persons, including students, professors, and other academic professionals for use solely in connection with a course offering. It may only be used in combination with academic textbooks for the sole purpose of teaching and learning analytics. Use of this program is limited to course work as defined by the course syllabus. Any other use of the program is prohibited. Please note that this program may not cover all topics that are covered in the text with which it is bundled. This program is intended to be an introduction to IBM SPSS only.

This version of the program:

  • is for a 12-month period, beginning on the date of customer installation
  • is limited to two installations
  • is limited to 1500 cases and 50 variables
  • does not allow for add on SPSS modules
  • does not allow for SPSS Command Syntax to be used
  • does not allow customers to merge or aggregate files, but students can transpose (flip) files
  • does not allow for scripting, automation, and programmability
  • does not include Report, Multiple Response, and Multidimensional Scaling procedures
  • does not include Restructure Data Wizard
  • does not allow for the Output Management System (OMS)
  • cannot customize toolbars
  • cannot create custom dialogs with the Custom Dialog Builder. However, students can install custom dialogs
  • cannot connect to IBM SPSS Statistics Server
  • cannot export to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • cannot read and write IBM SPSS Data Collection data sources

Is there anything else I should know about this product?

Opening a data file

SAGE offers many data sets that can be used in SPSS Statistics. To open a data file, choose File > Open > Data...

IBM Open Data

Or use the Open File button on the toolbar.

IBM Open data document


To learn more about SAGE’s data sets, see our Data Set FAQ.

Toggling Unicode ON and OFF

Before entering data on a new worksheet, Unicode can be toggled ON or OFF.*

Go to Edit and select Options - Note Unicode is set to ON in the lower right corner.IBM Unicode

  1. Select Language, click on Locale's writing system, then Apply. - Note Unicode is set to OFF.

IBM Unicode Off

* The Student Version of SPSS v.24 does not enable the user to toggle Unicode OFF while altering a previously saved file. If you need to toggle OFF Unicode for an existing Unicode supported file, it is recommended that you send your file to someone with the SPSS Grad pack or full version. He or she can toggle Unicode with the instructions above, or by running the command SET UNICODE OFF or SET UNICODE ON.

A current list of IBM trademarks is available.

For additional technical support, complete a Technical Support Form or contact us.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions

PDF icon Frequently Asked Questions v.23.pdf

PDF icon Mac Installation Instructions v.23.pdf

PDF icon Windows Installation Instructions v.23.pdf