VentureBlocks uses game-based simulation to achieve deep learning.

Missions, levels, and points guide students through the customer development process. Students get instant feedback, so they can learn from their mistakes.

The VentureBlocks virtual environment makes the experience feel real.

VentureBlocks - The Student Experience


Student Steps to Access Course:

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Create Instructor Account/Trial Version:

  1. Visit and request an instructor account.
  2. We will verify your information and create your instructor account for you.
  3. Once we've created your account, you'll receive an email from us with your password and link to sign in to the portal.

Setting Up Course:

  1. Sign into the portal with instructor account.
  2. In the main menu at the top of the page, click "Add Course".
  3. The portal will take you through a simple wizard where you enter information about your course and customize the simulation for your students:
    • Course: you will be required to enter your course name, number and/or section. At least one is required.
    • Settings: you can customize your simulation settings here:
      • You can choose whether licenses will be purchased by students individually or by you/your school and distributed to students.
      • You can allow students to play as soon as they receive/purchase a license, or only after you allow them to play.
      • You can make the student names on the leaderboard visible to all players of your simulation, or anonymous, so students will know only how they are doing relative other students without seeing names.
    • Debriefs: customize reflection questions your students must answer when winning or losing the simulation. Defaults are provided, and all questions are optional.
    • Review: look over your chosen options as you will not be able to change them once your course is created.
    • Confirmation: your course is added and you're ready to add students.
  4. When you have successfully added your course, you can add students. See below for details.