SAGE amp


SAGE amp is a focused online study environment where students can learn key concepts then apply what they have learned, master core concepts through repeated practice, and perform better in their course. Students can read text content, view videos, and complete assignable homework practice on their computer, phone, or tablet – any iOS or Android device connected to the Internet – allowing them the ability to study anytime, anywhere.

For Instructor-Side Technical Support, click here. For Student-Side Course Navigation Help, click here

Getting started in your SAGE amp course

In order to access SAGE amp, students must be registered for their appropriate class. To register for your SAGE amp course, you will be accessing your course in one of two ways. 

  1. Through your course's learning management system (LMS) such as Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle, or Sakai. For first day of class instructions on how to register through a LMS, download this document: PDF icon fdoc-sage_amp-lms_integration-revised-spring-2020.pdf                                                 
  2. Through registering with the SAGE amp platform. For first day of class instructions on how to register without an LMS, download this document: PDF icon fdoc-sage_amp-standalone_registration-revised-spring-2020.pdf

Once you have registered for your SAGE amp course, download a PDF copy of these User Getting Started Guides for additional help:
PDF icon sage_amp_student_getting_started_guide_revised_spring_2020.pdf
PDF icon sage_amp_instructor_getting_started_guide_revised_spring_2020.pdf