SAGE Stats Exercises

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Systems Supported

Operating Systems

Firefox 8 or higher
Safari 4 or higher

State Stats is fully functional in IE 9 and in IE 8, though the visualizations will appear somewhat differently. Accessing State Stats from an Interactive eBook using Internet Explorer is not an ideal experience, so the browsers listed above are recommended.

How do I access SAGE Stats exercises?

State Stats is accessible via the companion website for Governing States and Localities. Follow the steps below.

  1. If purchased as part of a bundle with Governing States and Localities, State Stats is accessible via the book’s companion website.
    Click on the SAGE Stats Exercises link in the navigation within the chapter.

Are there materials to help students best use SAGE Stats?

Yes, an additional SAGE Stats FAQ that describes product features and a tour of the tool’s features.

Is this compatible with my LMS?

No, State Stats is not compatible with any LMS.

How long do I have access?

Students have access to State Stats as long as they have access to the companion website.

Instructors have access to State Stats for the duration of the book’s edition. Talk to your SAGE sales rep for more details.

What are the main features of the product?

SAGE Stats:

  • ​is a password-protected, interactive database from CQ Press
  • allows users to view and compare trends across states over time. 
  • features data from more than 80 different government and non-government sources 
  • is backed by a collection of more than 2,000 current and historical data series on popular topics of research interest. 
  • allows users to view data in a variety of displays, including interactive maps, tables and scatter plots.

I’m getting an error when I try to access SAGE Stats exercises. What do I do?

Be sure that you’re accessing State Stats from one of the recommended browsers in the Systems Supported section above.  This is especially important when accessing State Stats from an Interactive eBook. 

For additional technical support, complete a Technical Support Form or contact us.