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Operating Systems
Windows (XP and newer)
Mac (OSX 10.4 and newer) 

Internet Explorer

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How do I access my IntroStats Online instructor account?

Access IntroStats Online here:

Contact your SAGE rep via We will send you Instructor Demo & Course Setup information so you can set up your IntroStats Online class.  

How do I access my IntroStats Online student account?

Access IntroStats Online by purchasing a slimpack with an Individual Registration Code.

How do I set up my instructor account?

Go to and click on “Need to set up a group?” next to the instructor login. 

ISO set up group

A screen will appear where you can enter your information. Please note the access code is in your slimpack.

ISO account setup

How do I set up my student account?

To access IntroStats Online for the first time students will need:

  • A Group ID provided by their instructor
  • A Group Password provided by their instructor
  • The registration code found on the purchased slimpack

ISO student account

Is this compatible with my LMS?

No. IntroStats Online cannot be used in an LMS.

How long do I have access?

Students and Instructors have access for up to 9 months upon activating their account.

What are the main features of the product?

IntroStats Online is an introductory level statistics course featuring:

  • text, 
  • practice questions,
  • interactive demonstrations,
  • simulations
  • and calculators. 

Purchase of IntroStats Online also includes access to STATLab Online! 

For additional technical support, complete a Technical Support Form or contact us.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions

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