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Getting Tech Support 

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Systems Supported

Operating Systems
Windows (XP and newer)
Mac (OSX 10.4 and newer) 

Internet Explorer

Other Software Needs
Plugins: Java

How do I access STATLab?

STATLab is accessible at Contact your SAGE rep via or email us at We’ll send you a password and instructions for setting up your STATLAB Online class.

How do I set up my account?

Go to and click on the “Instructors” tab.


Then click on “Need to set up an account?”


In the “Enter password” box at the bottom of this screen, enter the password within your slimpack. Click on “Submit password”.

Statlab Submit password

Once the password verifies, a window will open allowing you to enter your information.

How do students access STATLab? 

Students access STATLab by purchasing a slimpack with an individual registration code.

How do students set up an account? 

To access STATLAB Online for the first time students will need:

  • A Group ID provided by their instructor,
  • A Group Password provided by their instructor,
  • The registration code found on the purchased slimpack.

Are there materials to help students best use STATLab?

Yes! Instructors can print and distribute their group page with access information to assist students in setting up accounts. To do this, instructors can login to their account and click on “Group information”.


Your account information will pop up. Click “View a printable page of group info” to print this informational page.


Is this compatible with my LMS? 

No, STATLab cannot be used in an LMS. 

How long do I have access? 

Students and instructors have access for up to 9 months upon activating their account.

What are the main features of the product?

Interactive labs allow students to conduct classic behavioural experiments from data collection to statistical analysis. 

Students participate in experiments and are guided through an analysis of their own data. 

Student data is automatically graded and available to instructors immediately.

I’m getting an error when I try to access STATLab. What do I do?

Make sure your browser settings are in order before attempting to use STATLab. You need to have Java installed on your computer and turned on in your Web browser. Finally, you should disable any pop-up window blocking settings. 

Why do I get the message “Problem Connecting” when I try to login?

If you are using a computer connected to a public network, the likely cause is a firewall between your computer and the STATLAB Online computers. A firewall is a security program that prevents unauthorized communications between computers over the Internet. The firewall is usually set up by the staff who maintain the network through which your computer connects to the Internet. Ask the computer staff to make a pinhole in the firewall to allow read/write access to

If you are using your computer at home, you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider.

For additional technical support, complete a Technical Support Form or contact us.

Download a PDF copy of these instructions

PDF iconSTATLabOnline_faq.pdf