Multiple Choice Quiz

1. The 1980s/1990s methodological revolution which influenced IR and other subjects by challenging whether objective, value-free enquiry into human behaviour was really possible was known as:

  1. Behaviouralism
  2. Postmodernism
  3. Positivism
  4. Social science approach


b. Postmodernism

2. With which writer do you associate the phrase ‘anarchy is what states make of it’?

  1. Alexander Wendt
  2. John Ruggie
  3. John Mearsheimer
  4. Thomas Risse


a. Alexander Wendt

3. Which of these IR approaches tend to be on the structural end of the spectrum in the ‘structure-agency’ debate?

  1. Marxism
  2. Social Constructivism
  3. Critical Theory
  4. Realism 


a. Marxism

d. Realism 

4. Which of these great thinkers is generally held to have been most influential in the later emergence of Social Constructivism thought?

  1. Karl Marx
  2. Thomas Hobbes
  3. Max Weber
  4. Hugo Grotius


c. Max Weber