Multiple Choice Quiz

1. What factor does Sen’s ‘Entitlements Thesis’ consider most likely to be a root cause of famine?

  1. Poor harvest
  2. Unaccountable government
  3. Flooding
  4. Overpopulation


b. Unaccountable government

2. Is hunger in the world a result of

  1. A shortfall in the global food supply
  2. The growth of the world’s population beyond the food supply
  3. The uneven distribution of the world’s food supply
  4. The steady decline in the world’s food supply


c. The uneven distribution of the world’s food supply

3. Which of these groupings of states in international economic diplomacy represents the Global South?

  1. G77
  2. G7
  3. G90
  4. G20


a. G77

c. G90

4. Which label for global development policy is most used to characterise the contemporary era?

  1. The Washington Consensus
  2. The Post Washington Consensus
  3. New International Economic Order
  4. New Deal for the World 


b. The Post Washington Consensus