Multiple Choice Quiz

1. Which of the following philosophers are most associated with the subsequent development of IR Realism?

  1. Hobbes
  2. Machiavelli
  3. Kant
  4. Hegel


a. Hobbes

b. Machiavelli

2. Which of these metaphors have commonly been utilised to characterise Realism?

  1. billiard ball model
  2. cobweb model
  3. prisoner’s dilemma
  4. stag-hare analogy


a. Billiard ball model

d. Stag-hare analogy

3. Why did many Realists consider the ending of the Cold War to signal a new era of insecurity rather than security?

  1. The threat to the West posed by Islam was militarily greater than that which had been posed by Communism
  2. Communism was sure to rise again in a third phase of the Cold War
  3. The balance of power in the world had been lost


c. The balance of power in the world had been lost

4. Which of these IR academics is widely credited with the creation of neo-Realist thought?

  1. Hans Morgenthau
  2. Richard Falk
  3. Kenneth Waltz
  4. Robert Keohane


c. Kenneth Waltz