Multiple Choice Quiz

1. The ‘natural law’ perspective on international law is most associated with which IR theory?

  1. Realism
  2. Liberalism
  3. Marxism
  4. Critical Theory


b. Liberalism

2. Which of these is the chief court of the UN?

  1. Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ)
  2. International Criminal Court (ICC)
  3. European Court of Justice (ECJ)
  4. International Court of Justice (ICJ)


b. International Court of Justice (ICJ)

3. Which of these is not an official source of Public International Law?

  1. Custom
  2. International treaties
  3. Verdicts of the International Criminal Court (ICC)
  4. The opinions of international legal experts


c. Verdicts of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

4. Which of these political issues does not fall under Public International Law?

  1. A country claiming to own the moon
  2. A disputed national election
  3. Mining on the seabed of an ocean outside of territorial waters.
  4. A policeman torturing a criminal suspect in a country where this is not considered illegal


b. A disputed national election