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Welcome to the SAGE site for Health Psychology by Hymie Anisman. Combined together with the book, SAGE offers a robust online environment which can be accessed anywhere, at any time and features an array of free tools and resources to optimize your learning.

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About the book:

Hormones in your gut can affect the way you behave, prenatal infections have been associated with the development of schizophrenia and women doing shift work are more likely to develop diabetes. The ways in which we understand how health and psychology are linked is continually growing in an area of study increasing in global popularity.

Health Psychology is an indispensable companion for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking at fieldwork and health promotion through a biological perspective. Mapped to course requirements and exploring psycho-sexual and bio-social approaches the author uses a lively approachable style to guide the reader through a key subject for psychology, health sciences, nursing and education students.

A subject with critical practical applications, the author presents both key and up-to-date studies to help the reader explore the varied ways in which the biological, physiological and social factors at an individual and systematic level all affect psychology and how effective interventions can influence the health of a population.