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Behavioral change through short videos
Behavioral change is difficult to achieve and educational programs, even if they have an effect, are modest and short-lived. Firdaus Kharas, a wonderful film maker has taken short videos into a whole new world in trying to get people to alter their behaviors. The characters in his cartoon videos have no identifiable race or religion and thus are amenable to audiences everywhere. I had the great pleasure of seeing a recent presentation he gave at our institution. Here are some of his videos, most are fairly brief. These videos concern ‘The Three Amigo’, of which there are 20 episodes that have been translated into many languages. He has many more on other topics that are effective. Look him up on-line and find many more.

Ebola: A poem from the living
This one, also produced by Firdaus Kharas, which is rather touching, deals with Ebola. It is an effort at education in African countries where Ebola has been rampant.

Illness diagnosis is fundamental for appropriate treatments to be administered. But in their zest to get things just right, or perhaps to avoid lawsuits, there may be a tendency for conducting too many tests. With each test conducted there is a risk for something showing up that isn’t real (false positive) as well as a constellation of other problems. This James McCormack song, ‘Bridge over diagnosis’ (modelled after ‘Bridge over trouble water’) is a jewel.

Flu shot: doing nothing is easier than doing something
With respect to vaccinations, you might find the information in this Risk Bites link much more convincing. Believe me, you’ll want to see this.

What’s our greatest danger?
We face lots of threats. If you’ve ever read Friedman’s book, Hot, Flat and Crowded, you’d know that one of the greatest threats to human well-being is overpopulation. Each person needs food, energy, space, and 7 billion people create lots of pollution that can influence our health. This SciShow video shows some of these dangers.

Don’t pee in the pool
Here’s something else presented by Risk Bites that’s ‘natural’, but it’s more yucky than deadly.

Sunk Costs
Admit it. We all do some pretty dopey things. As Kahneman informed us, our decision making abilities are sometimes flawed. It’s not uncommon for people to adopt a ‘sunk costs’ perspective (e.g., “I’ve read half of this trashy book, I might as well read the rest, since I paid for it”). This might not sound like much, but put this into other perspectives (e.g., “I’ve already invested so much in this project, I might as well keep going even if it looks like things won’t pan out”, “I’ve been using these cruddy coffee beans that Dr Oz recommended for three months, so I might as well suffer through a few more months in the hope that I’ll lose weight”). This Dnews video does an excellent job of illustrating how our brain makes fundamental errors, including a couple of others that I’ll let you find out about by watching the video.