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What’s ‘public health’?
You’ve heard the term ‘public health’, but do you actually know what it means? This clip will let you know what this entails, what kind of research is conducted, and what can be done to improve the health of a countries people.

Big Pharma and peddling drugs
Check it out. John Oliver discusses the influence of Big Pharma on our health (or perhaps on maintaining illness, or even creating illnesses). He never misses with his humor and this is no exception. He also gets at some important issues, so don’t miss the key points of the message being delivered.

Surgery is scary for most of us. Thank goodness anesthetics have been developed so that the patient is out, and hopefully unaware of their body being sliced and diced. This video from SciShow tells you a bit about how anesthetics work and has lots of additional useful information. As good and important as anesthetics are, it’s too bad that this video doesn’t cover a bit more about the dangers of these agents. For example, among some elderly people they can have negative effects on cognitive functioning, often persisting for extended period.