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What happens when we age
DNA and cell division have a lot to do with the aging process.  This includes normal aging, a disturbance of DNA that is associated with rapid aging, and aging that leads to certain types of illnesses. Like other brief Dnews clips it’s meant to introduce certain topics without the confusion of too much detail. Watching this less than 4 minute clip will provide surface information about aging DNA.

Vampire therapy 
Getting young blood to reverse aging. Does that sound creepy? There is information, although exclusively from animal studies, suggesting this might be a fountain of youth. Whether it happens in humans isn’t certain.

Caregivers for those with dementia need care 
Being a caregiver is tough, and those engaged in it need support and time off. This video portrays individuals with Alzheimer’s and the difficulties encountered by caregivers. If you’re ever in this position, seeing this video will, if nothing else, provide you with suggestions for your own well being, and let you know that you’re not alone. This excellent video was created by Firdaus Kharas

The right to die 
The right to die issue has become progressively more relevant. With an aging population and hence more people being ill, an increasing number of people have claimed this right. However, it’s not just the elderly who encounter intractable, painful conditions that make death a preferred option.  Both sides in the debate have expressed valid positions, but there aren’t easy solutions. For some people, a variety of religious, political and ethical issues encouraged the view that assisted death should be illegal. Others take the view that ‘it’s my life, and my death’, and that a life without a degree of quality is unacceptable. It may even be immoral to foist the views of outsiders on those going through situations that makes them not want to live. This Dnews video provides an overview of some of the important issues.

Loss and grieving 
Stressors, such as loss and grieving can be especially devastating. In fact, it seems that you can die of a broken heart, or at the least, grief can undermine an individual’s ability to survive. This brief video tells you about this.

A decision making sequence regarding DNR. 
How does one decide the steps that should be taken with respect to attempts to resuscitate a patient who experiences cardiac or respiratory arrest, and when to follow or not follow the patient’s previously declared wish not to be resuscitated. This link provides a flow chart (not a video) for such complicated decisions. This chart comes from ‘Decisions Relating to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation’, which is a Joint Statement from the British Medical Association, the Resuscitation Council (UK) and the Royal College of Nursing (2007)

Why do women outlive men?
There’s no question that females outlive males, and this occurs across countries and even species. There are all sorts of contributing factors for this. It might be due to men taking on more risky behaviors, or it may have to do with genetic and hormonal factors affecting longevity. This video from Dnews offers several possible explanations.