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Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette
Cigarette smoking has been defiled, as have smokers themselves. But, at one time, smoking was not just cool, but it was also celebrated. Check out this film clip to listen to ‘smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette’.

A tobacco industry exposé
Life style factors have considerable sway on how long we live, and the disease we might die from. Without question, one of the deadliest killers is that of smoking, despite the claims that had long been made by the tobacco industry.  John Oliver, as only he can, provides a remarkable exposé regarding tobacco related behaviors and diseases.

E-cigarettes. Risk or not?
Want to know a bit more about E-cigarettes described in a very understandable way? This Risk Bite video does that. It seems that E-cigarettes deliver some stuff that might not be good for us. This said, there haven’t yet been studies to assess the long-term effects of this alternative to regular smokes.

How come we’re still here?
There are so many hazards out there, and so many risks that we encounter, it’s amazing that civilization hasn’t destroyed itself (yet) through the toxins that have been created. This risk bites video examines what ‘toxicology’ is about, and defining when and how to protect ourselves from harmful chemicals.

C-section and missing out on essential bacterial
Caesarian section (C-sections) to deliver babies have been around for a long time, ostensibly to facilitate birth when there’s a risk to the mom or the child. However, there have been suspicions that there are, at times, other motivations for doctors to perform C-sections (e.g., so that mom wouldn’t give birth on a weekend when the doctor was home relaxing or playing golf). It had been thought that there was no downside to the fetus when this was done. However, we now know that babies will, in fact, miss out in obtaining good bacteria that they receive through vaginal delivery. This video produced by the Smithsonian channel is excellent in depicting what can be done to help C-section babies.

Alternative medicine
This is really the best. A great Tim Minchin story that you’ve got to watch. However, if you’re into herb and nuts, astrology, anti-vaccine, holistic medicine, or talking to those on the other side, you might not like this at all.

Self-medicating in the animal world
So, do you think that humans are alone in self-medicating in an effort to diminish feelings of physical or psychological illness? Well, animals will do this as well. This SciShow clip provides several examples of how some animals do this. Think about how this could have developed in their behavioral repertoire.

Supplements for weight loss: The right view
Here’s John Oliver, one of the best satirists around, doing a number on supplements, focusing on Dr. Oz, the TV show doctor who peddles magic pills. Aside from the discussion of Oz, there are a number of excellent points made regarding regulation of supplements (and the factors that govern regulation). Enjoy his presentation, and take it very seriously.

Stress eating
Does stress make you lose your appetite or does it cause you to dig in, especially comfort foods. Check out this SciShow video on this topic.

More stress eating
A bit more on the same topic, but this Dnews video focuses on humans!dPQvJY?utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_content=dPQvJY&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter

What to eat? I’m confused
There are, as we’ve said, many perspectives of what to eat and what not to. This link provides an interesting TEDx talk by journalist Nina Teicholz. As in her book, she makes a point of exposing flawed science and the nefarious influences that affect research.

Eat anything you like?
Here’s a tongue and cheek video on what you can eat to stay healthy. Obesity has become more widespread, but what led to this? In this SciShow video several possible explanations are offered, including events experienced during early school years, sleep-related issues, as well as various hormones that contribute to eating and craving for certain foods.

One of the greatest health-related scams around is homeopathy. There are, of course, lots of scams, but this one really bothers me. Not only does it upset me because it doesn’t work, but also because some practitioners actually make every effort to undermine proper treatments being adopted. Some naïve people who trust too much fall victim to the scam, losing their money and potentially undermining their own health.

The video below is from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) program, Marketplace. Which is an absolutely remarkable exposé (article and video).

A few natural products (and bacteria) that are deadly
As we’ve seen, not everything that’s natural is good for us. This SciShow video clip describes the five deadliest poisons, of which four are natural products, and the fifth is a bacterial agent, which is natural, too.

Eat Mediterranean
Don’t miss this parody of Hotel California. It can’t be beat for having information being transmitted in an inspirational manner. Dr James MacCormack is a genius in the field of knowledge transfer. Enjoy the video.

If you enjoyed the previous video, then check out a slightly more serious (but still entertaining), and appreciably longer video from James MacCormack.  Again, don’t miss this.