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What probably causes cancer?
Have you noticed how many factors ‘might’ or ‘probably’ cause cancer? This video, again one from Risk Bites, describes different levels of threat, and what’s meant by ‘possible’ and ‘probable’ causes of cancer means.

How cancer develops
This very well done video by Sanofi TV describes what brings on cancer and how it progresses, as well as some of the treatments that are used. The graphics are super and the explanations are very basic.

What are tumors, and how dangerous are they?
There are all sorts of tumors, some are benign and other malignant. This Dnews clip introduces different types of tumors and how they develop, and how some anti-cancer treatments work. Not just chemo and radiation, but also some of the new immunotherapies. The video doesn’t go into depth, but is a good introduction to the topic.

Cancer biology
This video produced by CancerQuest provides a simple description of unfettered cell division and the development of cancer, as well as why this occurs. The illustrations are very well done and the explanations of some complex topics are made simple.

The journey for cancer cells to distant sites isn’t simple, and only some very tough cancer cells make it successfully. However, of those that are successful, there consequences for humans can be dire. This brief video describing how metastases occurs is presented at this link (provided by

There are different types of immunotherapy, which, as a group have become one of the leading and formidable weapons in our arsenal of cancer treatments. Admittedly, it’s still early to say how successful these strategies will be, but for the moment, they’re pretty impressive. This video, produced by the Cancer Research Institute, provides five short clips, each only 1–2 minutes long that describe different types of immunotherapy.

Immunotherapeutic approaches
This video, produced by nature video provides a very excellent graphically portrayed description of different immunotherapeutic techniques to fight cancer.

Fighting cancer with viruses
Here’s yet another video from Dnews concerning how viruses can be used to attack cancer, and a bit on the history of this. In this clip we get to see how the Herpes simplex virus is used to fight skin cancer.

Cancerism: Stigma associated with cancer
Illness is hard enough to deal with, especially devastating diseases such as cancer. The cancer patient needs to maintain psychological wellness to adapt with the disease. So, it’s that much more horrid when biases exist towards individuals with cancer. This TEDx talk by Dr Rick Boulay is concerned with the difficulty of being a cancer survivor.