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Characterization of type 1 and type 2 diabetes
In this clip (produced by Up Date Physician) we get a perspective of what the two types of diabetes comprise, how they develop, the consequences of these conditions, and what can be done to limit the adverse effects.

A simple description of what diabetes comprises
This production by ‘Animated Diabetes Patient’ gives you a relatively simple, but very informative overview of how type 2 diabetes comes about, some of the secondary effects of diabetes (e.g., heart disease) and factors that increase risk for the illness.

Persistent consequences of diabetes
Nucleus: Medical Media has provided a very informative video about the processes underlying diabetes. This clip described the symptoms of the illness, some of which can be fatal, and the processes that lead to diabetes. What makes this video especially interesting is that it describes some of the longer-term consequences of diabetes (e.g., renal failure and heart disease), how shock occurs, and what occurs in the kidneys as well as in the brain.

Being fat and type 2 diabetes
Being chubby might not be a problem of will power, but may be a result of hormonal changes that cause eating. Being overweight can also contribute to type 2 diabetes. In this TEDx talk, Dr Sarah Hallberg gives an interesting lecture of how insulin affects glucose and how individuals might deal with the disease through their food habits.  She also indicates that there are problems with the usual methods that are used.