Web Exercises

Click on the following links. Please note these will open in a new window.

  1. Review the Advocacy section of the NASW website. Choose one issue of interest which you believe requires advocacy in furtherance of social justice. What steps are social workers taking in advocating for this issue? What arguments are being asserted in support of this matter? What advocacy steps would you take?

  2. Choose a state NASW website, such as NASW-NYS. Select an issue impacting the practice of social work, such as student loan forgiveness or social work licensure. How does the resolution of this issue impact the practice of social work now and in the future?

  3. Select a social work organization concerned with social justice, such as SWAA (Social Welfare Action Alliance) or NASW, that provides research, analysis, and advocacy on social welfare issues. After choosing a social welfare problem or social welfare policy concern, identify how the organization provides advocacy on the matter. Identify which First Amendment freedoms are being utilized to address this problem or concern and how they are being used.  Determine whether the organization could be effectively utilizing any additional First Amendment freedoms in their advocacy work and, if so, how.