Web Exercises

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  1. Numerous solutions have been proposed to “fix” the health care system presently in place in the United States. Beginning your research at the Kaiser Family Foundation website, choose one of the solutions presented and research this solution in depth. What are the strengths and challenges presented in this solution? Are there any omissions that you would address? Any changes that you would you suggest?

  2. Using the NASW website, select a healthcare issue. What position does NASW hold on this particular issue?   What advocacy steps has NASW taken? What advocacy steps would you take as a social worker?

  3. Research the Affordable Care Act offerings. Type in a state to see which kinds of policies are available to you. Calculate the monthly costs of the policy and learn about premiums and deductibles. Then, choose a country with nationalized health care such as France, the UK, or Canada and compare the U.S. offerings with single-payer plans.