Web Exercises

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  1. Several solutions have been proposed in your textbook to maintain the solvency of the Social Security Administration. Choose a solution that you believe may be effective and research the arguments made in support of this solution. Begin your research using the Social Security Administration website.

  2. Your textbook presents the Elizabethan Poor Laws as a model for the early welfare system in the United States. After reviewing a summary of the TANF laws and regulations, compare and contrast the ideologies underlying these policies. What remains the same in these policies? What has changed?

  3. Open the African American Voices of Cedar Valley website. These are men and women of the Great Migration who tell their stories, mostly of coming from Jim Crow Mississippi for work and opportunity in Waterloo, Iowa. Check out 100-year-old Elra Johnson who tells of the history of Jim Crow in Mississippi and how she marched and defied the segregation laws at great personal risk. Choose one of the interviewees pictured and describe a turning point in his or her life.