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This Could be You: The Many Faces of Social Work 
Social workers tell their own stories about the range of work that social work includes.
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What is NASW? 
A 4-minute Tedx Rap “What is Social Work?” by a working social worker is part of the  “Social Work 101,” website containing a historical summary, and contemporary information, about the NASW and particularly the Michigan chapter. 
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NASW News: Dealing with Bullying Behavior 
Social workers discuss methods to deal with cyber-bullying.
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IMF and World Bank are Weapons of War (excerpt) by journalist John Pilger 
This 21 minute historical and current case study report is an excerpt of a 52 minute special report “War by Other Means,” by Australian-British journalist John Pilger. 
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Four Takeaways from IMF Meetings, Washington D.C., The Financial Times 2015 
Participants and financial media observers discuss four themes of the meetings: growth, impact of interest rate “taper-tantrum” on world markets, Greece and Euro-group – in the informal sessions, China and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and U.S. decision not to join that system.
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This is Hell! Live from Nicaragua, Laura Carlsen talks to the women bringing the lucha to the World Bank. 
For Financial Times Weekly, Laura Carlsen, Director of the Americas program at the Center for International Policy, speaks with indigenous women about the effects of IMF and World Bank projects on their communities and what large corporations are doing with land purchases in South America. 
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South Africa: Using Fiscal Policy to Address Economic Inequality 
Catriona Purfield, and Gabriela Inchauste, World Bank Senior Economists, discuss post-Apartheid efforts to end economic inequality through fiscal policy dealing with taxes and benefit redistribution. Report includes an interview with South Africans.
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